Leveraging a cloud based, cross-border HRIS

As organisations grow across borders into different nations, they employ a very diverse set of people.

These companies set up bases in locations with various employment legislation and cultural practices. There are numerous issues involved in managing a cross-border organisation. The major issues are...


Fostering a passionate workplace

Staying upbeat and motivated has always been linked to superior performance and a conflict free environment. Disgruntled employees not only diminish the positive energy

of the organisation but also play a part in negatively influencing their colleagues. Upbeat and passionate employees drive organisation towards…


Succession planning: leaving no dead ends

“There is a reason an airplane has both a pilot and a co-pilot, that's the same reason organisations need to have succession plans.”

Planning for the future is essential in every aspect of life. Planning in business is a core component of competitiveness. A business governed in an ad hoc manner…


Increasing workforce productivity: six factors that HR must consider

Traditionally, the responsibility of improving workforce productivity has been known to be that of a manager. A manager deals with his subordinate’s day in,

day out and so naturally it is up to them to improve the efficiency and productivity of their team members. There are six steps for HR to positively contribute towards Employee Productivity are…


PeoplesHR cloud innovation: Driving outsourcing companies one step higher

Cloud computing is highly advantageous over traditional computing such as cost, capacity, scalability, and accessibility. It would help a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

company with greater efficiency- streamlined operations and low costs, along with better business insight, innovation, experience and a tenancy to adapt to individualised needs…


Enterprise Social Networks: Enabling organisations to stay ahead of their game

How an organisation nurtures and develops its workforce will be the determining factor of organisational success.

To thrive in the current digital world, it is vital to empower these internal communities through effective communication and collaboration. It will facilitate outstanding…


How well do you know your workforce?

Talent Management can be defined as “A conscious, deliberate approach undertaken to attract, develop and retain people with the aptitude and abilities to meet current and future organisational needs.”

But effective talent management goes beyond merely attracting, developing and retaining talent; it extends to…


Fixing corporate culture to suit your corporate strategy

Corporate culture has been defined by academics in many different ways; however these definitions often contradict each other. One important

consideration when understanding culture is that it cannot be conceptualised as a static property of an organisation; it lies in the dynamic ability…


How cloud computing is revolutionising manufacturing

In the wake of improving technology and business ideas, the terms of software as a system (SaaS), cloud computing and mobile transactions have become everyday terms in day-to-day reference.

These software solutions have become widely ubiquitous in everyday business life. They take care of managing…