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It’s time to take full control of your workplace while working from home with an Activity Tracker

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As much as organisations take into consideration the health and safety of your employees with the measures to work remotely, without disaster looming, the prevailing situation is making matters go out of hand. With employees working from different corners on different tasks and projects, managements are finding it merely impossible to align all activities and monitor the processes happening. And as much as we would deny the fact, it evident that certain employees find this as a loophole to neglect work activities too.

Monitoring employee attendance and maintaining discipline in work hours is an essential aspect of organisational productivity. Given below are some pressures faced by the management in such a context.

  • Loss of time and productivity as employees don't stay on their tasks.
  • Poor time allocation and budget blow outs.
  • Time wasted on web surfing and scrolling down social media.
  • Incorrect billing by contractors for tasks that are not yours.
  • Project activities being billed to the wrong client.
  • Manual timesheets and activity logs causing loss of time and overall productivity.
  • Inaccurate project time calculations and difficulty in understanding staffing requirements.
  • No transparency in work done by remote workers.

An Activity Tracker simplifies the tedious tasks involved with monitoring employee time and attendance, tracking and data collection. Helping you control costs, minimise compliance risk, and improve the workforce productivity with consistent, effective and reliable tracking of employee attendance. With features that accommodate a growing workforce, and customisability to handle the complex attendance based rules of your organisation. Need to know more in detail? Here are a few ways the PeoplesHR Activity Tracker can help you out:

  • Real time tracking capabilities, minimising delays or excuses.
  • A centralised database of information that can be accessed throughout the company.
  • Ensures compliance with associated labour laws with accurate and reliable information tracking.
  • Quick and easy access to individual attendance details for self-evaluations/reference.
  • Eliminates manual interpretation of numbers, related to hours worked and/or overtime.
  • Get a summary of your workday from total work hours, no pay hours, late hours and so much more.
  • Check your workforce turnout while tracking the current employee count along with the absences.
  • Integrated with attendance capturing devices.
  • Employees are able to update attendance records with prior approval.
  • Requests can be made for extended work hours with approval.
  • Manage multiple time zones.
  • Create roster schedules.
  • View attendance registry with direct links to leave applications.
  • Access all the payroll related information required, from standard pay rates to overtime and weekend rates.
  • Employees who have not swiped their cards on the biometric device, can manually enter their attendance which will then be sent for supervisor’s approval.
  • A real-time snapshot and insights of employee movements within a workday.
  • Supervisors are able to view and monitor attendance patterns of geographically dispersed employees.
  • Popups/notifications sent regarding employee delays or any other issues related to attendance.
  • Alerts/reminders sent if employees forget to check in on the attendance capturing device.
  • Manage and monitor pre and post overtime.
  • Extend shifts beyond midnight, with accurate time capturing through attendance devices.
  • Supervisor / Admin view of employee wise, project wise, day wise activity wise time logs.
  • API for mobile app time logging and approval.
  • Dynamic workflow management.

Despite all the talk, at the end of the day it’s the numbers that count. So let’s speak numbers:

  • 60% more accurate time reporting
  • 24% More efficient business processes
  • 10% More active daily time
  • 32% increase in productivity for teams
  • 23% more accurate payroll

The corporate world is highly uncertain at this point of time and there’s no time to waste. Try the PeoplesHR Activity Tracker a simple tool to help you boost your 3Ps that go hand in hand: Performance-Productivity-Profitability.

So does Activity Tracking sound convincing to take full control of your workplace? Download our datasheet now for further details.

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