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10 ways PeoplesHR brings value to support the Heroes at work

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A cheer to all those juggling their work, families, health and securities. You all are heroes! Whether you are working on-site or from home, we appreciate the services of all those who are tirelessly working to save lives and make life easier and controlling the spread of COVID 19 while providing products and services to the community.

In return, PeoplesHR supports all those HR teams to empower their employees to make a greater contribution and ease their HR related burdens. We believe that HR burdens and mishaps is the last thing that these heroes should have in their mind.

Here are some ways we hope to give value to your services:

Employee Information Manager

This is one of the core modules of the HRIS as it maintains all employee related information including different types of personal information, detailed qualifications and work experience etc. The information captured by this module is utilised by all the other modules, thus eliminating data redundancy. With Employee Information Manager you can effectively and efficiently access and manage detailed information on each employee. Eliminating the requirement of a personal file to be maintained manually under each employee completely.

Self Service HR

Self Service Human Resources also known as the SSHR portal allows employees to easily view information from attendance, absence training and development to performance related information. Among the many functionalities enabled, the employees are provided access to check and apply leave, communicate training requirements, update personal information, and add/update goals for the selected year, and more personalised business services. Giving centralized access and connectivity to employees, enabling them to simply login and interact with the system for simple daily tasks. An interactive platform that facilitates quick and easy access to the HR information and processes that require employee attention.


Monitoring employee attendance and maintaining discipline in work hours is an essential aspect of organisational productivity. The Time and Attendance module simplifies the tedious tasks involved with monitoring employee time and attendance, tracking and data collection. Helping you control costs, minimise compliance risk, and improve the workforce productivity with consistent, effective and reliable tracking of employee attendance. With features that accommodate a growing workforce, and customisability to handle the complex attendance based rules of your organisation.

Absence Management

Unexpected or unaccounted absences create disruptions to the workflow of an organisation, causing sudden interruptions in achieving the expected productivity. This module helps you track multiple leave types, manage how each should be allocated, applied and even used. Providing a quick, error free and effortless way to organise, apply and approve leave throughout the organisation. One single platform that helps employee as well as management of the organisation to track and manage the absences with higher efficiency and reliability.

Daily Activities

A web based application service that allows you to access and manage the time spend on tasks from anywhere at any time. Keep a track of utilised time and expenses incurred, allowing better workforce management, improved customer relationship and value added business performance. Automate and structure business processes to support project tracking and while staying within budgetary constraints. Catering to the requirements of a growing workforce, this module enables smooth project and time management of every employee. Be it a large or small work environment with a simple or complex structure, Timesheets can be customised to fit the diverse requirements of a dynamic organisation.

Payroll Management

With the main aim of bringing in structure to the compensation process, this module provides ease in conducting all necessary functionalities with higher efficiency and reliability. From generating pay slips, payroll reports, increments, processing multi-currency transactions, to loans and reimbursements can be handled through one single platform. The highly configurable features of the module allow users to define transaction wise specifications to fit the policies of the organisation. The module facilitates payments to be processed based on information captured from the attendance and absence management modules for overtime, no pay and other attendance based incentives.

Performance Management

Understanding that an organisation's success relies on the efforts of its human resources, we offer you an effective way to evaluate those efforts against the organisation's goals. Performance Management module handles the entire performance appraisal process from start to end. Aligning the goals and objectives of the organisation with its employees while evaluating, and managing their overall performance. We bring you an intelligent tool that connects with Employee Information Manager, Training and Development as well as Talent Management modules to add great value to your organisation in managing and leveraging the quality and capabilities of the talent pool.

On Demand Reporting tool

This is a web based reporting tool which enables user to create, modify and view reports generated through the system from the variety of modules available. The data captured from the system are displayed in report form that can be viewed on a modular basis. Reports can be customised based on requirement by obtaining data from several existing reports. Allowing you to create unique reports that will add value to the decision making process within the organisation. Cutting down additional time wasted on manual report compilation processes.

HR Dashboards

The HR Dashboards module provides a graphical representation of all HR related information from both operational and strategic levels within the organisation. With customisation capabilities the module can be used to identify the important details in a more appealing and clutter free format that aids in clear and concise decision making. Providing easy access to important information in a reliable and comprehensive format. Access the standard set of dashboards available or obtain customised, drilled down detailed view of information with parameters as required. Capture all required information, analyse strategic and operational data, and identify key factors that drive the organisations success with minimum effort and maximum reliability.

PeoplesHR Mobile App

We give you access at your fingertips no matter where you are, helping you clock-in from wherever you are, marking your day-in and out, even on the days that you are not physically present at your workplace.  Have a swift overlook on the number of days since your previous vacation, leave history and cancellation, peers on leave. View your team availability and get through your leave approvals while staying at home. Stay updated all the time, never miss those birthdays and work anniversaries while being at home, view and drop a wish with just a few clicks.

We at PeoplesHR help you focus on your people, while we focus on the processes!

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